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October 23, 2008

Nokia Nseries Widget or Why Nokia Really Needs a Good Internal Communication System

by Ms. Jen

Nokia Nseries Widget

Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen

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On one of those amusing trips down Internet Blackhole Lane last week that started at Twitter and ended 5 clicks later at someone's website, led me to finding the Nokia Nseries Maps + Photography Widget

This is a great widget, much more useful than the Urbanista Diaries widget.  The above widget has all the Sports Tracker uploads that I have made public, from my India trip to various bits afterwards to the current Nokia viNe uploads.  And more importantly, it is fast and works.

But this hidden widget is interesting.

Super interesting, as I had been bothering the folks over at WOM World since early September about when the Nokia viNe testing/campaign participants would be getting the widget to publicize our adventures in Nokia viNe land, but up to last week there was no widget for the viNe campaign. 

When one trots over to the Sports Tracker site, there is not a single thing about a Nokia Nseries web site widget that scrapes one's Sports Tracker account for the data, geo-paths and imagery. One would imagine that more than a few Sports Tracker users would love to know about this widget so that they could display their paths and imagery on their website or Facebook page.

Hello, Nokia.  Helllllllooooooo.....

The above Nokia Nseries Maps + Photography Widget that uses my Sports Tracker username & data would be an excellent addition to the downloads on the Sports Tracker site.  It would also be lovely to have it available for download over at Nokia viNe site. 

One would think that if a large and lovely mobile corporation was going to spend lots of money on developing a widget and/or web services and/or promotional campaigns, such Nokia viNe and Sports Tracker, that one would have the internal teams and external vendors talking to each other to let each other know when a product/widget/campaign has been created that would benefit the other team or each other.  If one is going to create a great useful widget, it would be lovely to have it cross-linked to as many places on the Nokia website as possible to get as much traction as possible.

Dear Nokia, if you need a good internal blog / intranet to improve your global marketing campaigns, hire me, I will set it up for you and get your teams talking.  Inter-team and intra-team communication equals better promotions and pr, which equals more sales. 

Originally posted by Ms. Jen at Blackphoebe.com


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To be far, WOMWorld/Nokia did send bloggers a note out about this new widget and a few of us did post about it http://nokiaaddict.com/2008/06/05/nokia-sports-tracker-widget/

But I know what you mean. I'm also planning to use the widget with NokiaVine while carrying out the N96 Challenge over on http://nokiaaddict.blogspot.com

Ms. Jen

Hi Gerrymoth,

When did WOM World send you this email? I sent the link on to them last week and they did not know that this was going on.

If you knew before last Wednesday, then the N96 folks may have told you but not all the folks at WOM World.

Fair or not Fair, that is why I am advocating for more communication, as all the arms involved with the widget should know it is available (Nseries, Sports Tracker, marketing, WOM World, etc) so that they can either link to it or inform their constituents.



Interesting news. NOKIA is really great. Thanks NOKIA.


Anyone know when viNe's out of private beta? I want to use it - it's not even up on the Beta Labs site... How do you get involved?

Tommi Vilkamo

> Dear Nokia, if you need a good internal blog

Eh, we do have internal blogs, 700 or so...

Ms. Jen

Tommi -

Now your team wins for clear external communication. ;o)

700 ... there in may lie the problem... Do you have a way to aggregate the information to have teams communicate together?

But in the case above, real problem was in that two external vendors did not know that another internal team or external vendor had already released a widget that they were working on.

Thus, maybe a great addition to the 700 internal blogs would be a searchable and editable aggregator of projects, releases, etc that one could announce one's release/project/widget no matter how large or small to all the other teams, be they internal or external, who might also be in need of that piece. If the information is out there, as you state, then make it easily accessible and extensible.

I smell another widget... ;oD

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