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October 11, 2008

iPhone being banned in the Netherlands?

by snoyt

Yes, it is. More or less. There is a new law in the Netherlands that forbids the sale of (electronic) devices containing batteries that can not easily be removed for disposal. The regulation is there to prevent polluting batteries ending op in the regular trash. The regulation also stipulates the requirement of describing how to remove the the battery in the manual. The iPhone fails both regulation demands. The regulation is based on a European directive. No doubt more European countries will follow suit.

Already imported volumes may still be sold. However since the 26th of September it is no longer allowed to import that kind of electronics. Exceptions exist however, i.e. for medical equipment and children toys. Logically no one desires to see a baby sucking/shortcircuiting a lithium-ion battery. Particular faulty ones that might burst into flames.

It seems Apple is forced to redesigning their iPhones to use replacable/removeable batteries in their iPhone or lose a lot of lucrative buisiness in Europe (600+ euro's for an unlocked one, building cost 200 euro's). The fixed battery has been an eyesore in many iPhone users and a replacable version will no doubt be received with delight. I do wonder how Apple will spin this to the public?  A brilliant new feature? On popular demand? Turning from dollar green into eco green?

And its implementation? Encode the batteries so only expensive Apple branded will work?  The extra costs for the adjustments will no doubt be paid by the customer.

For now it is iPhona non grata!

Dutch websource: www.tweakers.net


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I love a good Apple bash as much as anyone, but I think you may have it wrong here. Apple will be forced to have an external battery to be sold in those countries, but mark my words -- there isn't going to be anything particularly special about that battery. Sure, it'll probably be designed to Apple specs, it isn't going to be a Nokia or SE battery, but people will make generic knockoffs -- just as they do now.

I firmly believe that Apple does this battery game for aesthetics, not because they're looking to make more money. They like having the smooth back, they like not having unnecessary lines, divots, tabs, or sliders on their hardware. Look at the hemming and hawing necessary to add a volume rocker to the iPod touch. Apple will head back to the drawing board and figure out a way to make the battery replaceable while maintaining the aesthetic they're looking for. It won't be cheap.

snoyt here: I gave Apple its due concerning batteries and ecofriendliness. I would not call that bashing.


And the Air?

Constable Odo

What is the matter with these people behind this sealed battery device tirade. I've never seen a rechargeable flashlight, men's electric shaver or electric toothbrush that had a removable battery and I'm fairly certain there are more of them than iPhones. There are probably lots of small devices that you can't remove the battery such a rechargeable toys. Most of the smaller mp3 players have sealed rechargeable batteries. Why the heck are they singling out the iPhone?

Probably plenty of people just throw away toys along with the removeable batteries into the trash without even checking.

Alternative Fuel For Cars and Beyond

well this is good thing. I wasnt happy with iphone.

Return of the Mack

The battery does not need to be user replaceable, just removable for recycling. Removing the battery can be a destructive process, as is the case with, for example, some electric toothbrushes.

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