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September 18, 2008

Nokia Upcoming Innovations

by Clinton Jeff

Nokia conversations just posted a couple days ago, about a new site launching :


What it basically is, is yet another one of Nokia's flash-heavy sites showcasing one of the upcoming "Innovations" through a story or a "Legend" of some kind, and is designed to look like a newspaper.

For example, there's a legend about a guy who was lost in Mumbai traffic for so long that by the time he returned home, he had a long beard and his wife had re-married. Haha . Funny stuff ! This particular legend is used to show off Nokia's upcoming "Traffic Works" technology, which will basically try and help you avoid traffic.

There are 8 videos to tell you legends relating to 8 upcoming innovations that will "make that legend history". The video's are pretty hilarious so its worth the watch.

The 8 upcoming innovations are :

Nokia Indoor Positioning :

Today, you can already use your mobile outdoors to navigate to your destination. In the future, indoor positioning will make it possible to find your way indoors, so you can find your favourite fashion outlet in the shopping mall or that need-to-see painting in the museum.

Read more.

Sense your Location : 

Sensor technologies enhance the navigation experience providing greater awareness and understanding of your surroundings. 

Now imagine, you’re stood in the middle of an old market square at night – like the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. Off the square are four streets with little to disseminate them and you’ve no idea how to get back to your hotel- 

This is where a map and a compass would be very useful. What if your Nokia mobile is able to sense where you are, which way you are facing, and tell you your next move and get you back to your hotel?

Read more.

Traffic Works : 

In the future, your mobile will help ensure you’re never late for your meeting, that you get home on time for your kid’s birthday, and you get to the cinema in time for the start of the film.

Your Nokia mobile will assist you, letting you know that you're meeting your friend in one hour and informing you that the traffic is picking up, and that you should consider leaving. Your mobile will then offer to route you using real-time traffic flow data to avoid delays.

Read more.

Nokia Connected Home : 

There are many electronic devices at home like computers, TVs, stereos, printers and servers. Your Nokia mobile can today wirelessly control and access all of these home electronics. 

You can already view and share photos and video with your family and friends; wirelessly displaying them from your Nokia mobile to your large living room TV. After viewing, you might want to print the best photos; just press “print” on your mobile and the photos are sent wirelessly to your home printer located in the next room.

Read more.

Personalized Web Widgets :

Web widgets help to make the best use of your time, take care of those little but important practicalities, and keep you up to date. One press brings up a simple application personalized to your needs.

Read More.

Nokia Multiscanner :

During your trips abroad, have you ever found yourself in a situation where you feel lost and uncertain due to a language barrier? In the near future, Nokia Multiscanner will become the translator in your pocket…

Read more.

Mobile Journalism :

Have you ever found yourself experiencing something extraordinary without having any means to capture and share it? Now all you need to do is take your Nokia device from your pocket.

Read more.

NFC (Near Field Communications) :

With NFC (Near Field Communications) technology, you can leave your wallet at home… When buying coffee or a newspaper, you pay by simply touching your mobile to a reader on the counter.

Read more.

Thats all 8 of them. I'm really really excited to see how Nokia Multiscanner and Mobile Journalism turns out, because I'd probably use those features more than the rest. Although Nokia Connected Home also seems like an awesome fun feature !

The future over at Nokia, really does look exciting.

[Via ZomgitCj]


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