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September 24, 2008

Nokia Previews "Nokia Image Space" , "Point and Find"

by Clinton Jeff

Nokia conversations ,today, previewed 2 upcoming software which has me really excited. First up, is what they are saying is "a totally new concept of viewing Images" :

Nokia Image Space.

Using the GPS, compass and accelerometer found on the Nokia 6210 Navigator all the necessary data is grabbed for each picture shot. When you get back to base and upload all your images Image Space maps them into groups to create image journeys. You can also share your images with others, and theirs with you so you can extend your journey. It's all pretty amazing stuff, even showing the image at the aspect at which it was taken.

Check out the youtube video, after the jump.

Honestly, this really is "pretty amazing stuff" ! Being able to show your whole journey route, and view the pictures taken along the way on a Map. They used Yahoo's Maps in the video above, but they also said there is a version that uses Google's Maps.

This however, does make Nokia's upcoming NokiaviNe application a bit less relevant . Unless this incorporates NokiaviNe somehow. Image space only stores Images at the moment, while NokiaviNe stores Images and Videos taken, and Music listened to.

The second upcoming application they previewed is Nokia "Point and Find" :

Point and Find, is basically an application for your phone, where you open your phone's camera and  "Point" your camera at something, say a movie poster, and the application automatically starts giving you information about the poster. This can be used in a variety of different ways. Check out the video to get a better idea :

Gah ! I cant wait to try these applications myself. Seems like it'd make life much easier eh ? What do you think about it ?

[Via ZomgitsCj]


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Was that an N95-8GB running FP2 in the second video?! It had the extra text for the "middle softkey"...


The text for the middle softkey only appeared within the application they were previewing, so its probably just the application that has extra text appearing for it. In the browser and video player it looked the same as FP1.


im looking forward to the release of point and find. the app looks sleek too


hey have heard alot about this phone, seems to be pretty hyped--

i love the competition in this industry right now, it really accelerates innovation

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