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September 18, 2008

N-gage Industry Insider

by Clinton Jeff

Nokia have just recently launched "N-gage Industry Insider" . Basically what it is, is a chance to peek into the inner workings of the N-gage platform. A chance to read (or view video) interviews with N-gage Insiders like N-gage game developers, or N-gage staff.

First up, and this one is a little strange but in a funny way, is Sauna Talk.  Basically this is host Arnold Faber interviewing N-gage Insiders....in a Sauna.

Yeah ....I said Sauna lol. I'm incredibly jealous of his N-gage v2.0 bathrobe though. I want one ! GIMME !

And I'm being serious too....

Second up, is N-gage Insider Interviews, where guys from behind N-gage post their interviews and thoughts about everything N-gage related.

And lastly,  is the N-gage Insider Community Blog, where the who's who of N-gage post snippets of info relating to N-gage.

There are a lot of extra stuff around the site, like N-gage Industry Talk, and a bunch of other links that contain small amounts of info here and there. You'll have to head on over to N-gage Insider to check all of it out.

Yeah I tried to figure out a way to say "N-gage" one more time in this blog post but I didnt know how...

Oh wait....

[Via ZomgitsCj]


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