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September 11, 2008

Morning Commuter Mobile Chat

by Matthew

Good morning, morning here in Texas nevertheless, Darla Mack readers. I want to try an experiment using Qik and my N95. Every morning (Monday through Friday) I have 20-30 minutes while driving to work, why not do something interesting with that time? Every morning during my drive I'm going to start streaming via Qik and talk about something of interest, likely mobile or tech related. Here's where you, our reader, comes in? By visiting my Qik Page you can ask questions that will appear on the screen. To ensure the stream is as live (not delayed) as possible and so I can read your messages I'm going to be using the forward facing camera. The downside of course is the quality is going to be less than the N95's VGA quality capability. Please join me a few minutes past 7:30 CDT (-5 GMT) until just before 8:00 AM. Come join me, ask a question or chat about something of interest.


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I don't think this is a very good idea. We have enough distracted drivers on the road.


Please focus on driving. Do not multitask while driving.

matthew bennett

I think this is a great idea. Qik provides an RSS feed, so your files should work in iTunes and the Nokia Podcasting app. W00t!

Just keep your eyes on the road. I worry about you and Driving with the Guru, because you're posting evidence online of what you were doing. Just avoid any accidents!


Please do not do this. Please concentrate on your driving. Any distractions makes it dangerous for you as a driver and for other users on the road. Half way through you are driving with one hand and the rest of the way you keep looking at the phone camera meaning that you are not concentrating on the road. DONT DO IT!!!


Reviewing things while driving. I don't get it. Talking, fine, but actually looking at the phone, features etc. It's just dangerous. Just because Ricky Cadden does something, it doesn't mean the rest of the world should be stupid enough to follow.

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