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August 07, 2008

T-Mobile USA 3G Lives in Sin City and Twin Cities

by Matthew

The word on the street is that T-Mobile USA has "flipped the switch" on WCDMA 1700 in Las Vegas, NV and Austin, TX. If gas weren't $3.59/gal (yes, I know its still less than many other places) I'd be tempted for a drive down to Austin for some 3G goodness. A second thread claims Kansas City and Minneapolis are on the short list for cities to go live next in the next 2-3 weeks. My question for T-Mobile, Kansas City? Seriously? How does Kansas City rate above the dozens of other larger markets, namely Dallas? (no offense to Kansas City residents, its just 3G envy talking).


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Baby Girl

Yay! I'm going to Vegas next week this is great. Kansas City??? That makes no sense what about Philly?

Abhishta Paranjpe

Maybe they're starting with the smaller markets to not be overloaded on capacity? or perhaps they just want to take Sprint's share in Kansas. :)


Why rollout in Kansas City? Simple: it's population is just under half a million vs. Dallas with one and a quarter million (not to mention the very near Fort Worth of population of over half a million).

This gives their engineers some time to work out the kinks in the system in a small market. Another plus is the flatness of the terrain. Here in Seattle, the radio engineers have to deal with lots of trees and hills and water.


To bad there phones don't compete against Verizon, ATT, and even Sprint.



I have to say I agree that Minneapolis will be soon, I have to disagree about KC, other larger market will be before KC. I think this is wishful thinking from the KC area.


And let's not forget who is headquartered in Kansas City.....Sprint!

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