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August 27, 2008

T-Mobile Family Allowances & Shortcodes

by Matthew

T-Mobile USA still reports Family Allowances, cost control feature, still has issues with short codes. Short codes are 4-6 digit numbers for services such as Google (466453), Twitter (40404), and Yahoo (92466) to name a few. Codes can be carrier specific and typically country specific. Short codes can be generic such as Twitter, which doesn't spell anything, or vanity codes, like Google's (46645 or 466453). For a list of short codes in the United States visit CSCA (Common Short Code Association), the managing body in the USA, at www.usshortcodes.com.

If you've ever wondered why some short codes work on one carrier and not another, the answer is the carrier. Each and every code must be submitted to the CSCA where each code is then submitted to each carrier for approval. Each carrier can accept or deny access to any short code service. This policy has led to some controversy and lawsuits because carriers have decided they won't want to allow a service. In the case of Rebtel, Verizon wireless and Alltel have been denying Rebtel access because of their competing services. Rebtel, among others, are petitioning the FCC and congress to force open access.


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