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August 28, 2008

Sale: CompUSA Nokia N95-3 Red

by Matthew

Nokian5291286mainUS readers in the market for a Nokia N95-3 (NAM), especially the red edition might want to head over to CompUSA. While supplies last CompUSA is offering the red model of the N95-3 for only $379.99. If I didn't already have the black one, I would jump on this deal in a heart beat. Amazon also sells this unit but is currently showing out of stock. A quick search on Google found most places either out of stock or selling this baby for more than $500.


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Ms. Jen

And if you don't have the $379, one can order the red case/housing for the N95 from an Australian vendor on eBay & Amazon. Much to my chagrin, no one had the plum housing/case available when I needed it recently.

On the Nokia N82 tip, Amazon.com has had the Silver/Pearl N82 for sale at $399 all week:

smiles, jen ;o)

Ms. Jen

p.s. I am more than sure that the N82's that Amazon.com is selling are the ones made in China (my Mom's is) and not made in Finland, if this matters to you.


Jen, what's the difference between made in China and Finland? I take both are 'original', if you know what I mean - not some sleazy chinese copy.


Does this NAM version work with T-Mobile-US 3G?


@Daniel there is some debate whether Finnish made have a better build quality.

@austin it does, you simply won't have 3G.


Missed this. :( Darn! And I was looking for a replacement for my E90.

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