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August 27, 2008

Nokia's New LifeviNe Application

by Clinton Jeff

At the Nokia Virtual Launch event that happened a couple days ago, there was a whole new application announced alongside the new Nokia N79 and N85 :

Nokia LifeviNe . Nokia is marketing it as "a new way to plot your journey" .

Basically, this application is an improved and completely different version of Nokia Sportstracker. But instead of just sports, it will track your 'life'. What this means is it will automatically log and track everything you do, and where you've been using your GPS enabled phone.

Later you can upload this information to the Nokia LifeviNe website (which will probably be a lot like the Sportstracker website) and access the pictures, music or videos of wherever you've been, either on a timeline or on a Map. You pictures will also be geo-tagged courtesy of LifeviNe. There is also apparently a Facebook app in the works and a website-embeddable widget which will allow you to show others what you've been upto.

This sounds like something that'd only come in useful to me if I'm travelling somewhere and want a couple friends to experience what I see/hear and let them know where I am. Otherwise, I cant think of any other real use, to be honest.

So far its been announced to work on feature pack 2. I asked about whether this application would be available on older feature pack 1 devices like the the N82 and the N95, and was told that an alpha version was being tested on them. So its very probably that it will support it, on release day.

We were also told to expect a release in Nokia's BetaLabs in the coming weeks.

As someone that travels alot, I cant wait to check it out !


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