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August 26, 2008

3G Comes To Dallas

by Matthew

In the wee hours of August 26, 2008 T-Mobile USA went live with 1700 WCDMA (3G) in Texas, according to an unconfirmed internal T-Mobile USA employee. I can confirm it is working in North Fort Worth. T-Mobile USA 3G is a paired frequency set using 2100MHz for uplink and 1700MHz for downlink. In my initial test this morning using a Nokia 6263 tethered to a N810. I have seen a typical speeds between of 320-350kbps down and 90-100kbps down. the speeds should improve slightly as bugs and the system is fine tuned. Speeds using the WAP browser were still showing the usual EDGE speeds and continued to display the GPRS G. That being the case, tethered users may only see the speed increase. I am currently subscribed to Total Internet option, although the data plan has no real barring on speed, despite the many rumors and myths floating around.

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I'm elated myself! I'm a little disappointed that none of the Darla Mack staff has complained much that Nokia doesn't support AWS 3G frequencies. Its well known many of you were and are T-MobileUSA subscribers. Do any of you have an opinion? Where is the article? Its obvious Nokia wants to steer customers to its retail partner and away from T-Mobile, who decided against offering S60 devices here. That they force buyers of unlocked devices to one expensive and oppressive carrier is unscrupulous, especially when most Nseries users were T-Mobile subs until the at&t optimized N95-3 came ashore.

Can you guys PLEASE express your opinion on this in an upcoming article?? Now that T- Mobile's more robust network is coming alight, changing carriers is less and less attractive. They will certainly lose out on more money again. Obviously Nokia hasn't gotten the message. Please help them hear.


Nokia actually does offer 2 AWS devices through T-Mobile, admittedly only S60 handsets. Nokia and T-Mobile USA have been repairing their relationship, so I've been told. As for S60 devices, I'm confident they will come in time. People conveniently forget AT&T's 3G offerings were quite poor, including Nokia's. Nokia's first AT&T 3G device is considered one of the worst S60 devices by many. The N95-3 wasn't offered until a year ago, making it only the second S60 device compatible with 3G available in the USA. Just recently has Nokia been seen as making a true effort with regards to NAM devices by releasing NAM versions within a short period of time after, even before as with the N95 8BG, their Europe/Asian counterparts.

Ms. Jen

Hi Chrisexaport,

"I'm a little disappointed that none of the Darla Mack staff has complained much that Nokia doesn't support AWS 3G frequencies."

Oh, you obviously didn't see my recent ranting and raving about this on twitter, Matthew had to get me to back off the ledge. ;o)

Actually, I think all the spectrum stuff is crap (danged gov't regulators) and would like to the handset manufacturers create a bandwidth broadcaster/receiver that would not be fixed to a spectrum, but would be flexible enough to switch to the spectrum available with one's sim chip & carrier. Thus a true all-band phone.

Pipe dream I know, but I do enough international travel to be frustrated that my N95-1 gets 3G happily in London, but not in California or India. I would love it if the phone 'sniffed' out what the 3G frequencies were in the area I am in available to my data plan and then used them. Think of it as spectrum roaming.


Baby Girl

Why is Philadelphia so far down the list??!!??!! This is one of the reasons I almost jumped ship to AT&T.


I wonder what you would all say if you heard that the carriers were requesting that Nokia devices not have 3G in them.

You sure you're pointing the finger in the right direction?

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