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July 11, 2008

iPhone 3G Friday

by Darla Mack


It's 6:33AM here in Goldsboro North Carolina, and as you can see this might possibly be the shortest iPhone line so far.

Most of the users are existing iPhone users looking to get the newest version.  The first people to show up arrived at 4am. 

With all the talk about being "iReady" the most that I've done was cut my nails.  But everyone here is in high spirits, even though its foggy out from the rain.

More to come....


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Lost Darla to the dark side, we have. Lost her taste in phones, she has.


lol Master Yoda! I will say though in Darla's defense, this is what makes her the true "Queen" when it comes to S60; she tests against other products. Lets say I like T-Mobile and thought they were awesome. Love the service. Take price out and say then you tried at&t's 3G. Now if you went back to T-Mobile, wouldn't you feel a bit different about its services?! Of course! So, unlike most Apple fan's, she is trying something from the other end. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer!! You picking up what I'm putting down yet?! Off topic, but the Nissan GT-R wouldn't be what it is if Nissan designers didn't drive a Porsche!

Anyhow, keep up the good work Darla!

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