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June 25, 2008

T-Mobile and AT&T Cutting Customers Off for Excessive Roaming

by Darla Mack

OMG I was just having this discussion with Jeb Brilliant yesterday and smirked at the advantage of how long I've been roaming since moving to North Carolina.  Guess it's nothing to smirk at anymore.

This affects me greatly because I've been a T-Mobile customer since 1997... the ole Omnipoint days.  Living in NY wasn't a problem, but after moving here 8 years ago I've been roaming off of Suncom, Cingular and AT&T over the years.  Now my take on it is that it isn't my fault that T-Mobile doesn't have native coverage down here, but in their eyes I as a consumer am not bankable.

Pat Phelan's article explains the firing of an AT&T customer, whereas CRM's aticle explains the firing of a T-Mobile customer.  Both are for the same reason... excessive roaming.

Beware of T-Mobile's Agreement Change of Paragraph 7

Honestly speaking... how many people actually keep their service agreement?  As much as I hold onto things I really doubt that I still have my contract, then again who knows.  But depending on when you signed up for service, T-Mobile changed the wording on paragraph 7 of their service agreement.

According to the article on CRM in December 2004, T-Mobile changed the wording in paragraph 7 to say it could "terminate or change your rate plan at any time, with notice, if we determine, in our sole discretion, that your use of the service is excessive, unusually burdensome, or unprofitable to us." Prior to that date it only mentioned that service could only be terminated if it was suspected a customers phone number was being used fraudulently or unlawfully.

So I guess the terms "unlimited or nationwide" roaming does in fact come with consequences... guess I need to find a provider!


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