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June 30, 2008

My Nokia Back-Up = Proper Nokia Syncing

by Darla

After almost a year of hearing finding out about MyNokia, and of course still wondering why this isn't available to all regions yet, I was reminded about one of the cool features of this site/service.  The MyNokia Back-up site.

MyNokiaBackup - Share on Ovi

CJ, my old N-Gage buddy (yeah we go waaaayyy back) pinged me asking if I had heard of the service.  I definitely had, but tried to wait to see if it would pop up on the US site.  No sense in getting everyones palletes wet!

Besides the tips and tricks and special content offered to MyNokia users, the addition of a web-based syncing feature is definitely attractive.  Why you ask?  Because it allows for proper syncing for your Nokia's plus offers a back-up.

Once registered and logged in, you can sync your contacts and calendar.  It creates a sync profile on your device similar to PC Suite and Lifeblog. 

My question is... why hasn't this made it to the states yet? Forget the fact of users changing Nokia's several times during a year (even 6 months for that matter) but what about users who change pc's or if syncing information is lost? Having the ability to sync directly from your mobile to a trusted web location such as Nokia would be an instant joy. Hmmm, I think I recall seeing this feature in an Ovi demo, so I guess the future looks promising.

CJ gives us his view in his post here.


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Anyone know if it's possible to sync your Outlook with this service?


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