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June 17, 2008

Moving Right Along....

by Darla Mack

First, let me extend an apology to my readers. Yes I've been missing for a few weeks, but its within good reason... I was tired. Drained, stressed, flat out tired. In this crazy world of blogging, it honestly gets like that sometimes. So, I decided to take a rest.

After many stretches, lazy days of sleeping late (which in fact meant that I actually caught up on some sleep) I'm trying to get back into the normal ritual that I upheld before.

Just to clarify some rumors that have been flying around:

No, I'm not dead.
No, I haven't been arrested nor have I spent time in jail.
No, I didn't lose interest in Nokia.
Yes, I've been exhausted.
Yes, I went back to the hospital regarding my surgery from November (but everything checked out fine).
Yes, I'm in the process of renovating my home (ARRGGH).
Yes, I was in a car accident, but the car made out worse than I did (thank God).

Lol, well I think that cleared everyting up nicely... unless there are some rumors that I haven't heard yet. If you know of any, shoot me an email on that contact me form up there and I'll think about answering. :)

Think Pink!


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Hope you're feeling alright after your accident. I'm not a medical major but make sure you see a chiropractor for a few sessions to make sure your neck is in good order. Best wishes!

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