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June 27, 2008

iPhone 3G Price Plan Confusion

by Darla Mack

Sometimes AT&T reps are clueless.  This leaves consumers clueless.  And sometimes with me it doesn't take much to render me clueless!

After reading all the info I possibly could I was lead to believe that once Apple's iPhone 3G was released the current iPhone data plan (yeah the one that comes with sms) would be discontinued.  This was told to me by a handful of AT&T reps.  Of course this didn't make much sense to me, but since I don't work for AT&T how could I say they were incorrect?

After many phone calls today, I finally spoke with a manager that had this to say:

"You can basically purchase the iPhone on the data plan that you have (which is the Smartphone Data plan for $29.99 and includes 1500 sms).  The current iPhone data plan will not be discontinued, we are just adding a 3G plan so that customers will have more options.  You also don't need to change your voice plan since it's a qualifying rate plan."

Ok, so that sat well with me... hopefully it's true.  Previously, I was told that the current iPhone plan was being discontinued and existing iPhone customers will have their plans grandfathered... geez does anyone know the truth?

The reason that I was concerned was because the whole county that I live in doesn't have 3G coverage... so why pay for a price plan if I can't even get the coverage?

I do know this much... existing (non-iPhone) customers who plan on camping out at either AT&T or Apple should definitely check with AT&T to see if you qualify for an upgrade.  The $199/$299 retail price is only available for eligible customers.

It goes without saying that I will be getting myself a 3G iPhone.  Doesn't mean that I don't favor Nokia (E71 has my name on it!!!). It just means that I need to be on the technology bandwagon.  :)


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Darla, just curious, what is your current phone. And have you ever played with the 1gen iPhone and if so what are your impressions?


Hi Wifiguy,

I'm currently using an N95-4 and N78. I've never used a 1gen iPhone and haven't really had any play time with one... so this will be my first iPhone experience. :)


I'm confused... you say your entire county is sans 3G, but you wanna get a new iPhone. Hrm.

If you can't utilize 3G, and 3G addition is what the new iPhone is all about, then what's the point?



The 3G iPhone also work with 2G(edge) and wifi. I can't access 3G on most of the capable devices that I have, such as the N95-4 and -3 but it doesn't render it useless.

Did that clear up your confusion?


Wow, you just might get spoiled than. It definitely won't replace your Nokia as there strengths are the cameras and video capabilities. Was wondering if you have an iPod or do the Nokia phones do music well enough to render them useless? If so what kind do you have? Thanks!


I have an ipod shuffle, but my important music collections are on my laptop and my Nokia's. This is where the 8gb of both the N81 and N95 come in handy... especially for me!

I'm assuming that you meant "useful" instead of "useless"?


LOL! I was typing that on my iPod Touch and the suggestive text was useless instead of useful!! Didn't bother proofreading. So your county doesn't have 3g? What state do you live in?


Wifiguy, I live in a state of confusion!!!! Hehe, no seriously, I live in North Carolina.

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