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June 30, 2008

Engadget Confirms My 3G iPhone Confusions

by Darla Mack

Thanks to a detailed post on Engadget I now feel more confident in my upcoming iPhone purchase. I guess now the only thing I need to battle with is black or white, 8gb or 16gb. Of course whatever color I chose it's going to end up pink anyway.

One of the disturbing concepts that I had encountered was the rumor that AT&T would be discontinuing its current iPhone plan. BONK WRONG ANSWER!! Man am I happy about that.

Another advantage is for recent iPhone purchasers. Those that purchased their iPhone's after May 27th will be able to trade-in their device for a new one. That should make alot of users happy. This of course is for AT&T customers. I'm assuming that something comparable will be offered overseas but don't quote me on that.

I think the only problem consumers might have is the change of the activation process. This means that gifting the iPhone 3G might be a hard process, since iTunes activation is no longer in play. I found that a bit odd, especially after reading an article from the July issue of Macworld (Unlocked iPhones are A-OK With Apple), but after seeing that the phone will be available in 70+ countries I guess they have less worries than before.

So for all of those iPhone questions that you might have, I hope Engadget's article can shed more light. Now if only I can decide on a color....


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