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June 24, 2008

Can Nokia Make it All Just Work?

by Darla Mack

First let me apologize for any anti-apple statements that I might have made over the years.  Lol, I've written so much that I don't really recall if I have or haven't said anything... but just in case.

In the past months of being an Apple user and not having a Windows machine in my house, I'm falling into a funk of having certain routines not available to me.  My biggest thing was being able to send text messages using the Nokia Text Message program from Beta Labs.  Being able to download music tracks from the Nokia Music Store (which my credits expired yesterday from non-use).  Having the ability to update the firmware on my phone(s).  None of which is supported for Mac's.  What's weird is that most of the Nokia contacts that I know are all Apple users... so how do they survive without these things?

Ok I do know that you can run windows on intel machines such as the Macbook... but before my Macbook I had a PowerBook G4 so this cannot work.  And just maybe I don't want to run Windows!!  So what in the world is Nokia doing for Apple users?  For devices such as the 7900 Prism, the abilty to charge the device doesn't work on a mac... now why is that?

Nokia should realize that not all of their consumers are PC users.  For years now people have mentioned the non-compatibility of PC suite, and even though there is the Multimedia Transfer application and iSync, it's just not the same... at least not for me. 

When will there be a solution?  I just checked Nokia Beta Labs and while the applications and services are amazing, none of them are mac compatibile.  Does Nokia really think that everyone uses a PC? 

(Sigh) This wasn't intended to be a rant, but it was something that I needed to get off of my chest because its been bothering the heck out of me.  Lol and yeah I know it would be easier to just go back to using a PC... but I DON'T WANT TO!!!


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there is supported software for mac OS X but there isn't any thing for Ubuntu users !!

Nokia should think of us .. non-windows users .. vista losing its users to mac and Linux !

i think we have to start campaign to get our rights!!


Yeah is there someone at Nokia we could write to? Er I mean E-mail as it's the 21st Century.


NSU doesn't work via VMware on the Mac. I've tried. My guess is that the fine juggling that goes on with the USB devices when it tries to update doesn't work so well on VMware.

I feel for the Mac and Linux users (I use both). Unfortunately, try as I might, I can't get completely away from Windows.

Of course, when everything goes over-the-air update, this whole thing will be moot anyway.


Hey, I hear you.

I remember posting a semi-rant on this very subject about a year ago and you said something like, "yeah, but at least Nokia is trying harder now, you have to admit that..." (paraphrased)

Well, maybe they are, but I could stand them trying harder a little faster. Sounds like you could, too! :)

James Burland

I use VM's Fusion with WinXP to perform Firmware upgrades. It's seems strange that I should have to install an entire operating system on my MacBook just to upgrade the Firmware of a phone!

All this and more, is why I'm not totally convinced that Nokia are ready for what's about to happen, even with the Symbian Foundation power play.


Just recently have switched from Vista to Ubuntu. Linux users DO use Nokia devices too!! :)


I know you wont approve this comment like you did the last one, so i wont say much.

I'm sure nokia are getting round to other operating systems, it would be silly not to. Sooner or later Beta Labs will come out with a full solution, and i'm sure they are waiting for the next big update of PC Suite to unveil a proper mac version.

Otherwise you can just go buy an iphone and complete your transition, since youre already apologising for things you said in the past which may have been very much warranted.

Anyway, always been a fan of Darla Mack, but Darla is abit different and moving on (i.e. turned into another of many anti-windows blog. Its a crime to like both OSes), so i guess i should too. Still have Rafe, Steve, Ewan and Ricky to fill the void.

Good luck and keep on blogging.

p.s... i own an iphone, N82 and run Ubuntu alongside Vista.

Ms. Jen

I think it is even more important that Nokia pay attention to Mac users, esp. in North America, as we are the folks who prefer to have and are willing to spend money for/on high end well designed pieces of hardware.

People who buy $299 laptops from Tiger Direct are not going to spend $499 or more for an Nseries device.

Folks who love Apple and are willing to spend top dollar for Macs are willing to spend top dollar for Nokia or iPhones.

Hello Nokia, wake up.

I have been bitching about the lack of Mac support since I went Mac and Ubuntu exclusively over 2 years ago. To update/flash any of my Nokia devices, I borrow my brother's work laptop (Dell Latitude with Win XP on it).

Whatever you do, don't be tempted to try to update your Nokia using your MacBook Pro and Parallels with a Win XP install. This is very bad. I have a bricked N80 from this less than stellar idea a year ago.

Rob Knight

Spot on DM. But lets face it, Nokia's Desktop software has never been good, temperamental at best, damn right flakey at other times. That said this generation of releases is better but as your rightly point out Mac support is v poor. Solutions: well for sending SMS via your Nokia from a widget have a look at http://algoritmer.dk/widget/

I have found the latest beta of Missing Sync very good, I even have it syncing with my E71/entourage which at one point looked like there was more chance of me marrying Claire Forlani!

Its a pity Nokia, with all their resources couldn't put a small team on it. Until then I suppose we have to make do with 3rd party solutions and the ever so enjoyable (sic) transferring to memory cards.

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