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May 27, 2008

Nokia Nseries Roadmap 2008-2009 Revealed?

by Darla Mack

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Philippine site, Electronic Pulp, has revealed whats rumored to be, an Nseries roadmap for 2008-2009.  According to whats stated, an iPod+iTunes killer is in the works.  Of course 2 different companies means 2 different products, so I wouldn't go as far as saying "killer"... "competitor" sounds much more appropriate.

A new N8x range is mentioned as well, and the bad news is that there will be no release of anything with a higher resolution than 5MP.  No new communicators will be released until Q3 2009.

There is a strong (yet rumored) possibility that the "Tube" will be released late this year. 

These so-called rumors, or predictions (if you will) seem to be for a different region, but like anything else... I'll believe it when I see it.

via:  Electronic Pulp


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while i do appreciate competition with the apple iphone, i'm not seeing nokia matching up quite yet. the incredibly high failure rate of their devices (ok, personal experience, but still) combined with symbian. it just doesn't do it for me. the recent news about the linux option is interesting, but not sure whether it is fud or not.


I think Nokia will give the iPHOME some real competition when the "tube" is released. Nokia is best even though I dislike pc suite (I can't sync my e62 unless I have that bloody software installed)


Seems like all the info from Electronic Pulp is taken from the english Mobile Review forum.

This post shows it quite well.

There's talk about the N8x stuff a few pages back.


Hopefully any 'intunes killer' won't be as ridiculously restrictive as iTunes.

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