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May 20, 2008

Putting the Nokia MD-5W to Work

by Darla Mack

I've mentioned in the past that I have mega playlists on my device(s) and love to listen to them wherever I am.  Now since I don't have an N78 to utilize the FM Transmitter ability, nor do I have a cool car where I can  just plug my device into and somehow connect it to the auto speakers.  So, my solution?  Using the my Nokia MD-5W  bluetooth speakers.

md-5w - Share on Ovi

Now I might be the only fan of my music collection but I try not to torture my passengers.  After having it posted in my bathroom for the longest, I decided to see how powerful it would be in the car.  Plugged up to the Nokia car charger, the MD-5W produces loud and crisp.  It's also a great solution for speakerphone.  I made a few calls and had a few conversations while driving.  Many said that it sounded much better than when I use my BT headset.  Go figure.

Lol, now I know its not a booming car system, but it makes me happy.  Drives others nuts though, but hey... they can walk if it bothers them that much. :)


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Darla, have you thought about what will happen if you have to hit the brakes hard?!!



Are you talking about the placement of the speaker? It sits on the dashboard or if no one is in the passenger seat I sit it there. If I were to hit the brakes really hard the only thing that would happen is it would slide.

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