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May 26, 2008

N95-3 Users All A Buzz

by Matthew

The news of the N95-3 update hitting Nokia Software Updater (NSU) today, earlier than expected has its users all a buzz. Users have been (not so) patiently waiting for this update since the original N95-1 received its update many months ago.

I updated my N95-3 first thing today. The update went smooth enough on two different N95-3 devices without any hiccups. The update is a 113MB; not something you'll want to download on a slow connection but took less than 15 minutes to actually update once downloaded.

The camera loads incredibly quicker (3 maybe 4 seconds). The menu, Maps and other applications do load faster. I don't see an improvement in messaging, one of my highest used functions. From cold boot to full load was 75 seconds after updating to Share Online 3.0. That time dropped 30 seconds on subsequent cold boots to 45 seconds. I didn't think to clock boot time before installing Share Online 3.0 however I wouldn't expect the time to differ much. If someone cares to share the time I'd like to know for curiosity sake alone.

Other improvements:

  • Flash Lite 3
  • Demand Paging
  • Web Run Time
  • Idle Screen Nokia Search

I am a little disappointed by the lack of upgrades to Maps 2.0 and Share Online 3.0. Regardless I've needed to wipe my device clean for a while now. So begins my re-installation and setup, installing and trialling so many applications take its toll on a device. Thus far I haven't encountered any conflicts or bugs from my core applications.


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One question. If I proceed with the update, the new firmware will erase all the data I have in my N95, including contancts and calendar, and also all the programs I have installed? Will a memory card backup or backup using the Nokia software, help me avoid this?


It will indeed erase everything from your device. I recommend syncing for your contacts, calendars, notes, bookmarks, something you should be doing anyway as a disaster recovery step. I don't like restoring from a backup from a memory card because when you restore all the junk was backup is also restored, thereby losing the the fresh start affords you.

What I typically will do is format/flash my device without a memory card installed. I'll then copy everything from the card to my pc, format the card on the pc and again in the phone. By formating in the phone the basic directory structure is recreated. If you have music, maps (cities directory) or other large files copy them to the memory card. I won't copy the whole contents but will keep the copy for a while just in case I forgot something. Even if you don't have a pc syncing sites e.g. Zyb, scheduleworld can serve you well.


Nokia has a tendency to introduce sets with lot of amazing varities.In Past few months they have brought a no of cells with fablous features and for this reason they are able to grab the top most position in mobile market.


Thanks for your help.


One more question. What happens to my data in the handy calendar, expense calendar, splash id, ect. Can I backup the data either using the backup software from Nokia or using the memory card, and am I able to restore this kind of data after I get the upgrade done????


@elias handy calendar simply reads the calendar data that already exists, syncing or backup will preserve that data. Other application such as expense calendar, splash id store files in various locations within your device, sometimes c:\data\. Some of these applications store them in an obvious way, others might take some digging. Use a file manager such as x-plore, FExplorer or Y-Browser to locate and copy these files somewhere for your backup. Copy or write down the path so you can restore them after reinstalling the applications.


Thanks again for your help.

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