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May 08, 2008

How Did I Live Without Spinvox?

by Darla Mack

One of my many bad "mobile"habits include my etiquette or (lack there of) in dealing with voicemail.  My theory has always been, when my phone rings and I can't get to it I have a callback number that pops up in my call log.  Thus, removing the need to check my voicemail other than to get rid of the little icon on my standby screen.  With the numbers in the call log I know who has called, who is top priority on calling back, and for the calls that I missed... well I'll just get to them later.  Then again of course... that famous saying "if its important, they'll call back".

02142008307 - Share on Ovi

SpinVox has entered my life and has provided a more efficient solution for voicemail.  Since I never get time to listen to my voiceail , SpinVox helps by converting all of my messages into text and sends them to my mobile via SMS and to my inbox via email. Since I mostly rely more on text messaging (and can't live without email), there is no way that I can mess up on voicemails now!

It would be selfish to say that SpinVox was created with "me" in mind, but it was in fact created for the mobile user who might just follow in that same pattern. 

So, what is Spinvox?

"SpinVox captures spoken messages and cleverly converts them into text. It then delivers your message to a destination of your choice – inbox, blog, wall or space. Right in the moment. Giving you the power to Speak Freely".

SpinVox doesn't require a separate application install.  Once you sign up you simply change your voicemail forwarding number from your handset. Viola!

Thanks to Spinvox, I am now on top of my voicemails.... well sort of.  I still don't check them so that little indicator still appears on the top of my screen, but I have them in my inbox! 

Give SpinVox a try!  Simply click here to begin your trial.  US residents please click here.



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