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May 30, 2008

A Video Look at the Nokia E71

by Darla Mack

I can always count on the BGR to get a first glimpse of something and post it out there for the world to see.  I say that in the most lovingly jealous way possible, lol.  Along with his review of the E71 he also has a very detailed video walk-through.

e71-1 - Share on Ovi

TBT (truth be told) I got a sneak peak at the E71 while in Vegas during CTIA and immediately fell in love.  As you can see in his video, certain things have been enhanced (majorly in my opinion). 

My biggest problem has always been with T9 input and I can assure you that this problem is resolved in the E71.  I won't say much because its all explain well in his video... but I will say that the E71 looks very elegant in white which is rumored to hit AT&T.  But don't quote me on that. ;)


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