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April 22, 2008

Scheduling Your World

by Matthew

Scheduling, sharing calendars and contacts just became a lot easier thanks to ScheduleWorld. ScheduleWorld is one of the latest sites offering synchronization from mobile devices OTA (over the air). Thanks to the SyncML standard many such sites and services are becoming popular among users. ScheduleWorld sets itself apart from the reset first by being free (always a bonus), second by supporting a large myriad of devices, applications and services (quite possibly anything that supports syncing and has Internet including Google Calendar), third by being easy to setup and fourth allowing users to share calendars and in some cases contacts.

Setup was a piece of cake by following the How-To on their extensive Wiki. Syncing went and has gone seamlessly with many contact and calendar changes. That first sync I would recommend using a WiFi or other high speed connection to speed things a long, otherwise it will take a little longer. Subsequent syncs will be speedy because they are only differentials.

I would like to see some customization on the calendar/contact sharing but it a good first step. I look forward to see how this service grows and develops in the future.


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AWESOME! Now I don't have to subscribe to GooSync premium, thanks for the great post Darla.


ScheduleWorld is a great service. I'm using it to sync my Evolution calendar, tasks, contacts and memos with my S60 phone and the 9300 before that.

It's not quite as new as you say though. Looking at my own blog, I seem to have been a SW user since February 2006. :)

Rather than a Web-too-oh'ish website to share your stuff, it's a good old school sync service. This can change in the future of course, why not.

Matthew Stevens

@Robert Glad to help, GooSync hasn't been all its cracked up to be, even with the paid version.

@topyli Really that long? I'm always looking at new syncing solution and this one has never popped up on my radar. A syncing best kept secret? Nevertheless its odd in all my searching and digging I have never heard of it until recently.


@Matthew I blogged about it Feb 18, 2006: http://www.siltala.net/2006/02/18/syncml-doesnt-entirely-suck/
Was desperate to sync my Nokia 9300 with Evolution on my Linux box, which doesn't exactly fit into Nokia's definition of "a supported PC". :)
Took a lot of searching, it wasn't very well marketed. As you can see from the post, I only managed to get one-way sync. Since then, the wonderful SyncEvolution tool has appeared and now my sync is perfect: http://www.estamos.de/projects/SyncML/
ScheduleWorld is basically a one-man show with no marketing at all. It has grown slowly as people learn about it from mostly blogs like this one.

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