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April 15, 2008

Is It Possible to Un-Teach Predictive Text?

by Darla Mack

My buddy Andy of Bravehound.com asked me this question earlier and I really never thought about it prior.  Since we have the ability to teach our devices new words when we email or message from our mobiles, is it possible to un-teach?

Andy's problem was one that many users may come across.  We teach our device to use a certain word that might be repetitive or might be used seldomly.  So is there a way to "delete a learned word"? 

Amazingly, SE phones has a list that allows you to purge or edit a word.  Maybe Nokia can figure a way to offer something similar. 

The one solution to that issue is to reteach the device to use the word that you want it to use.  Basically, it goes according to the rhythm of the word's repetitiveness... if that makes sense.

After speaking with my buddy Chanse, I've now learned of a way to view and edit the file where the predictive text words are housed.  This method doesn't really "unteach" but it does give an option to edit the words that are used.

Of couse, I strongly suggest following the directions very carefully.

  1. Go to C:\Predic using F-Explorer or Y-Explorer
  2. Look for a file like 101f8615.dat
  3. Back this file up before you edit it by copying it to your mass memory and transferring it to your PC!
  4. Once it's on your PC make another copy of it.
  5. Use a program like Text Edit or Note Pad to edit the document.
  6. Copy the file back to your mass memory and use file manager to move the file back to the C:\ drive location.

Predic Predic2


Now the method that I chose just to view some of my entries was by using the Text Viewer thats built in to Y-Browser.



As you can see by the mumble jumble in the Text Viewer, these are the words that I've taught my device to use.  Lol pretty funny, huh!

IF you chose to edit your file, I suggest following the above directions.  Or you can just keep re-entering the word that you want your device to use and possibly it will just force itself to remember the new one. 


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Thanks for the info! I tought the word "kb" to my Nokia N79. But the word "ja" is extremely common word in Finnish language and I got very frustrated when I wrote "ja" and T9 always wrote "kb". BUT fortunately N79:s T9 system learnt to give the "kb" only AFTER the word "ja"! I had to start writing a message using T9, write maybe 9 times "ja" and after those 9 times the phone finally started to give the word I wanted first!
Great, this saved my week/year!

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