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March 26, 2008

What makes Nseries?

by Matthew

Do you know what makes Nseries? As it turns out, many in the “know” are not quite sure themselves, as can be seen from the comments on a recent posting on The Nokia Blog. That being the case I went looking for the true definition about what makes Nseries according to Nokia. I did not have to look far, GIYF (Google is your friend).

According to Nokia:

"Nokia Nseries is a range of high performance multimedia computers, delivering unparalleled connected multimedia experiences by combining the latest technologies with stylish design and ease of use. With Nokia Nseries products, consumers can now use a single device to do everything from snapping print-quality images, reading email, listening to music, browsing the Web, watching TV on the move - and much more."

Mark does ask a valid question “So why is the Nokia 6220 Classic not part of the Nseries?” After reading this definition and re-examining what Nseries has been in the past, while the Nokia 6220 Classic is clearly a good device, it offers nothing new or innovative. Curiously enough it will have a better processor than the N82. In the end it may have been an executive decision we may not agree with, understand or as simple as being designed by another team or department.


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I've been waiting for black N82 to be released. N82 and 6220 Classic very similar in terms of features and capabilities but 6220 seems to have a better keypad and it kinda looks better to me.

Do you think I should get N82 or 6220 Classic?


First of all NO, it will not have better processor, it is indeed a bit faster but it doesn’t means that it is better!? Nokia N82 is based on the great OMAP chipset with 3D hardware accelerated graphic which is incomparable better solution than the single core solution.

Last but not the least it lacks wi-fi and wlan is must features nowadays so I think that Nokia did a good move by naming this phone as 6220 because it is just an 6120 successor that indeed brings lot of improvements but still can hardly be compared with Nseries portfolio.

By the way, nice 2 C U back Darla ;]


Antoine of MMM/Brighthand

If a prominent nokia has to ask that question outloud the one has to wonder if the name 'nseries' is really effecive as a branding strategy beyond a select group of users.

That being said nokia would probably do better to make nseries devices shorter lived so that the tech can be trickled down with few device confusion issues such as this.

i'd also argue this is a case of fractured product management; but i think this us already being dealt with internally there.


I thought 6220 Classic had WLAN. Thanks for the response Teo!

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