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March 11, 2008

Using Nokia Devices with Mac OSX

by Darla Mack

If you recall, one of my New Years resolutions was to get rid of Windows and enhance myself to a Mac.  Well as of last Friday I did just that!!  Now it's not a new Mac but I've heard that it has been a coveted one.  The Mac PowerBook G4 12".  People join in with me in saying that this thing is sexy as hell!!!!  Thank you Pizzle!!

One of my many fears on becoming a Mac user was how in the world would I function with my Nokia's.  Even though Nokia is still a bit slow in the development process (lol see I can complain about that now) they have understood the operating system enough to make their Multimedia Transfer application flawless.  Even though I'm a new user, I still do miss to ease of PC Suite, but I guess I can get by.

Using Nokia's Multimedia Transfer is easy because it sets everything up for you.  At this point I've only connected my devices via Bluetooth since this is the first laptop that I've owned with built in bluetooth.  Once you add your device everything moves in motion.  From setting up iSync to adding your photos to iPhoto.  All of that is included in the set-up process and for the most part works very well.  I haven't played with iTunes yet, but looks like I'll have to put that hate aside and create a library of my own for my music. 

Lol you know what's ironic.... I've been a fan of Mac Cosmetics for years and swear by them, even though I worked for Bobbi Brown (it's a color thang!).  I guess it was destined for me to become a mac user.  Wonder if there is a pink mack truck in my future as well.


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Hi Darla,

Glad to hear that you are on Apple's boat. I'm preparing to do the same, but I have the same doubts and fears about how the Finnish and Apple products will get along. I have seen a lot of pain when pairing Nokia phones over bluetooth in Linux. Terribly uncomfortable. The same with Polar heartrate monitor which is made my Finnish people. It just do not sync correctly and easily with other operating systems.
If you will, please let us know how is it going life with new shiny Mac and Nokia phones. Blog about the issues you have when trying to put those two work together.

peter honeyman

i wish i could get my e70 to isync with leopard. grumble.


Been using S60 phones with OSX for a few years. The 3rd edition makes it a little easier since before you could only use a phone listed in iSync, now the nokia sync takes it out of apple's hands. I don't think there is a direct way to use iTunes, but if you plug in with USB, you can setup Synctunes (http://www.nesfield.co.uk/synctunes/) and synchronize your music with iTunes with one click. I've also found some good info on the Mac.sis blog (http://macsis.omenamehu.org/).

So I'm surprised you didn't get a mac custom finished in your signature color. (http://www.colorwarepc.com)


i hate macs windows is the best bad move


Welcome to the Mac camp! Fanboi comments aside, I think you'll really enjoy OSX. I've been a devotee of all things Apple for many years, and while I do keep an IBM ThinkPad around for those "Windows Only" things like phone firmware flashing, my Macs do it all. Love your blog by the way. Even though I've gone Blackberry, your site is a daily read for me. Keep up the great work!


My experience was, that Symbian S60 smartphones and my old Powerbook 15" always worked together very well. Adress Book, iCal, writing short messages from the laptop through the phone, browsing and file transferring via bluetooth and so on are so easy with a Mac.

Morten Bonde

Yeah ... welcome to the Cult of the Mac, Darla.

Having used Mac's with Nokia phones for a few years now, I can tell you that things are looking good. iTunes and iSync works very nice with Nokia Multimedia Transfer ... just as if your Nokia phone was an iPod or (don't know why I would mention this here) an iPhone ...

I have been using Parallels with a Windows XP image for stuff like Nokia Map Loader and Nokia Software, and have no more a need for a separate computer for the few Windows-only software packages I still use ...

Keep on blogging :-)


John Gilmour

Just use Isync (you may need to download a plug in) and Nokia multimedia transfer. You can now sync your contacts wirelessly via bluetooth. One other cool thing is you can now do something an iPod can't which is sync your Itunes wirelessly and also download your photos and videos wirelessly with Nokia Multimedia transfer. NO CABLES! Yes it is slower- but fantastic. You can also set it up to download your photos and videos automatically each day- by setting a recurring appointment to do so.. which is what I do with my N95-3

Jan Fuellemann

Hi Darla,

do not miss the PC Suite any more :-) Have a look at FoneLink at http://www.novamedia.de/fonlink.

I have a few license keys as well, since I am interested in your (You and the readers here) opinion about it. (And yes, we welcome it if you could spread the news).

Anyway, you can reach me at [email protected]

Take care

Jan Fuellemann

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