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March 28, 2008

The S60 Codes to know

by Matthew

The codes aren't published officially by Nokia, anywhere I've seen or read, and yet they have been covered by many sites and still frequently asked for by users everywhere. A new year seemed like a good time to review these useful codes. Use these codes at your own risk.

  • *#06# - IMEI (serial number).
    Structure of the IMEI:XXXXXX (TAC) XX (FAC) XXXXXX (SNR) X (SP)
    • TAC = Type approval code
    • FAC = Final assembly code
    • SNR = Serial number
    • SP = Spare
  • *#0000# - Phone model, Firmware version and date
  • *#7370# or *#res0# - Full phone format, wipes everything clean. Default security code 12345 until changed by the user.
  • *#7780# - Phone reset, clears settings without deleting most data. Default security code 12345 until changed by the user.
  • *#7370925538# or *#res0wallet# - Deletes everything in the Wallet, in case of forgotten password.
  • *#92702689# or *#war0anty# - Lifetime timer, doesn't work on some older S60 devices and with older Nokias activated additional menus which has since been disabled or removed from the consumer firmware, now requiring a special Field Test firmware.
  • *#2820# or *#bta0# - Displays the device's Bluetooth MAC address.
  • *#62209526# or *#mac0wlan# - Displays the device's WLAN MAC address.
  • [Green]+[def3]+[*+] - Fail-safe reformat, use this as a last resort if the regular format codes do not work or if the phone won't completely boot normally.


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Baby Girl

Thanks Darla! I actually needed the WLAN MAC address the other day. I resorted to pulling out the battery.

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