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March 21, 2008

Nokia Announces T-Mobile USA 3G Phone

by Matthew

Today Nokia announced the Nokia 3555 for T-Mobile USA. This is one of the first 3G phones for T-Mobile USA which will use the AWS bands for 3G. As you might recall T-Mobile USA's parent corporation, DT, invested heavily in the AWS auction, spending more than $4 billion on licenses. The AWS bands more resemble 3G bands of Europe and Asia where the voice and 3G services are on separate frequencies. AWS (WCDMA IV) uses 1700MHz and 2100MHz while many North American carriers are "piggy backing" their 3G services on their existing 850MHz and 1900MHz bands. By doing so these carriers have been able to launch 3G services sooner in many larger markets however doing so means 3G services are frequently not available in smaller markets and often suffers during peak voice times. T-Mobile USA should have a distinct advantage with separate frequencies for 3G services and in some cases giving them licenses in markets or areas where the 1900MHz frequencies licenses have long been unavailable.

As of this announcement T-Mobile USA has not officially announced 3G availability. 3G services for T-Mobile have largely been stalled by the US government's slow transition off the bands in the name of "National Security." With any luck more announcements of AWS 3G phones means T-Mobile will be able to launch their long anticipated and overdue high speed data services very soon.

Be sure to check out the features of this phone which includes support for the T-Mobile's MyFavs and an includes 4MP camera capable of VGA a 4x VGA camera (640x480) video.

-- Matthew Stevens


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Ummmm, Matt, you totaly hosed the specs in that last sentence lol. It's a VGA Camera, with a 4x digi zoom.

All in all it's a craptacular handset, and one can only hope that Nokia will some day have some S60 love for us t-mobile folks.


Got excited when I read 4mp camera but it turns out it's just a regular vga camera with 4x zoom. Looks like a Nokia Razr!


This one stinks, but at least we T-Mo users are on the board! Personally, I was getting worried that T-Mobile was too small for any of the major manufacturers to bother with. Although the handset is crap-tacular, it's encouraging news. Of course, we still need to see T-Mobile deploy the network, but hey, one step at a time!

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