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March 26, 2008

Losing or lost touch?

by Matthew

A few days ago while driving it occurred to me that many in technology may have lost touch with the common user. We are so concerned with what is next in technology we forget the needs and uses of the every day Joe.

What do you think? Has the technology community lost touch with the needs of the many and focused to much on the needs of the few? In a rush to report and speak to technological advancements have we left the common or casual user behind?

An example might be how the carriers have long been struggling with paying for the millions, sometimes billions, spent on high speed data services. Content is beginning to drive more consumers to those data services but does the average user truly need or more importantly want the services being offered. Is being able to download MP3s whenever, wherever they worth the premium and all to often the premium price wireless carriers charge for the privilege.


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Mobile internet? For me it is satnav, e-mail, webbrowsing (news, stocks etc.) blogging, youtube, flickr, vox, ovi share uploads. But foremost e-mail. As in EMAIL in big red flashing letters across your screen and beyond it. Actually cheap voip over the data connection is not bad either.

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