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March 26, 2008

GooSync syncs Tasks, sort of!

by Matthew

GooSync announced today they would start offering synchronization of Tasks to complement Calendars and Contacts. There's a catch, Tasks are not synchronized to Google in anyway, they are simply stored on GooSync's site. This new offering is for premium (read paid) users.

The only true benefit of being a paid customer of GooSync is the ability to sync to multiple Google calendars. Contacts like the new Tasks service aren't synchronized with Google at all, merely GooSync's own server. Making these extra features little more than a backup.

GooSync does Google Calendar synchronizing fairly well, but not even close to perfectly. With two different accounts and tested on at least 4 different devices over a standard EDGE connection and via Wi-Fi, GooSync consistently fails to sync after approximately 10PM CT every night. This time was a good time, the next day hasn't begun and there aren't likely any other entries on our calendars. With the usual predictability the next morning everything works as it should, without changing a thing.

My second complaint about GooSync is they advertise contact syncing but only buried in the FAQ do they come clean to state that they do not sync with Google Contacts or Mail. I find this sort of advertising misleading. Companies offering a service should be straight forward and sell their product on its merits. Its not GooSync's fault for not being able to sync to Google Contacts, Google themselves have kept this limitation. All of this is fine just be forthright about it.

Other than these complaints GooSync is a decent product and can be worth the £19.99/yr. If you want to try it out please use the SYMBIANVERSE for your referral code and both parties will receive 2 months free service.

-- Matthew Stevens


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Hi Matthew,

You're right the contact sync was a restriction by Google, however they released a new gMail API a couple of weeks ago, we release our contact sync with gMail in April :-)

If there were somewhere in Google to sync the tasks we would, we thought being able to sync to Goosync (backup if the device is lost or stolen) is better than none :-)

Chris (GooSync)


@Chris That's great to hear, its something many have been waiting for quite sometime.

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