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February 07, 2008

zzzPhone Offers First Fully Customized Cell Phone - But At What Cost?

by Darla Mack

Having the idea and the knowledge to pick out our own handsets is a great thing.  Being able to customize said handset to include the little things that the manufacturer may have left out is also great.  But there seems to be something new on the forefront that will change the way consumers purchase their mobile phones... or will it?



zzzPhone has come out with a way that users can order customized mobile phones.  The base price starts at $149 and thats for standard features.   According to what I've read the standard features are touchscreen, dual sim slots, 3 megapixel camera and integrated MP3/MP4 player.  Now the kicker is that the company claims that its base model resembles the Nokia N95 in performance.  Let's check the grid shall we?


This is just the basic comparison grid, but if you check the full list shown here you'll see where the ridiculous charges start to add up.  I mean come on... $36 bucks to add Skype support?  Not to mention that the options listed under the N95 aren't completely accurate as far as device specs go.

Not to mention that the options listed under the N95 are completely incorrect. 

Another thing thats a bit puzzling is the 6 week delivery time.  Ok ok I can probably believe that since the device IS being customized, but the warranty on the device, both standard and customized is only 30 days! 

My first thought of the 3 z's in zzzPhone meant sleep on this, but according to the details from their site the 3 z's represent the Chinese characters for "personal", "exclusive" and "expert".

I could totally be wrong about my assumption of this company and its new revolutionary way of ordering the perfect customized handset, but maybe they could have just picked a different phone to compare it to. 

What are your thoughts?  Is this an option that you would like to see in the future?  Do you think companies like Nokia should offer options like this?


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no matter

Darla, your blog really sucks lately.
No wonder that others are so popular now in a such a short time.
Pitty, darlamack.com is soooo passee.


zzzPhone is probably scam, but who knows...there is a hopeless zzzPhone community forum at http://zzzPhone.org

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