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February 22, 2008

Some Thoughts and Ideas for Nokia's Music Store

by Darla Mack

I haven't encountered it yet, but I know its coming.  I've been using Nokia's Music Store since its start, and thanks to the free vouchers that were passed out at Nokia World I've come across a pretty great deal of songs that I've missed.  Not to mention that I found them there and not on AllTunes (which I still kind of swear by).

I believe I heard somewhere that Nokia Music Store only allows licensing to 3 devices at a time.  Is this true? (can someone confirm this?)

Here's my suggestion.  Since many users might possess more than 3 devices (you know how we enthusiasts are), why not change the system to allow users to add their IMEI devices to their profile or account.  That way there wouldn't be an issue of the amount of devices. 

Yes you can download the music to your pc and then transfer, but like Rhapsody Nokia Music Store requires a check for licensing.  If the device is listed on your account then there shouldn't be a problem. 

Just a random thought that I would throw out there since technically the NMS is still in beta.  What say you?


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Jonathan Greene

I think it's actually a licensing issue thanks to the labels and RIAA not Nokia's restriction though they probably have to pay more per device in their license.

Neil Boothman

Personally I'm not interested for one simple reason... DRM. Sure I'm interested in buying music via download as I was once a big fan of iTunes and am now a subscriber to eMusic and I would be interested in buying music from the NMS as I sometimes do with the 3MusicStore on my Nokia but unfortunately the big turn off is DRM and all the annoyances and complications that come with it.

Andrew Griffin

I spoke to Nokia people about this at the Ovi launch in London back in August. They said once you had downloaded a track to your PC you could side-load it onto as many devices as you liked.

However they seemed to be saying that the number of PCs it could be forwarded onto was limited (5 or so?).

It sounded as though the DRM was a lot less restrictive than iTunes which I think is why Nokia has still not signed up with all the major music labels yet.

Andy Burgin

The Music Store is not very good for getting songs on any mobile you want as you can only download it once an if you have delete it by mistake you can not download it again because of the licence used,i got a £8 voucher to try it out but will not use it again until something is changed letting you download it more easily to any handset you have


@Andy, I've been able to download music and re-download to 3 of my devices. What is the problem that you are having?

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