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February 15, 2008

Seesmic Alpha released

by Matthew

This Seesmic Pre-alpha release is incredibly buggy. When I was able to get the application to appear to record nothing was posted and instead crashed. Interestingly enough one of the recordings showed up in Shozu but not in the and then several minutes later appeared in the Gallery. I had to post the video via Shozu not using Seesmic, as I would have expected. In all fairness this application is an alpha release. The site says that it has been tested with the N95 but should work on other S60v3 devices. It could be that the N95-3 which is different from the N95-1 in someway causing the instability. I tried running it on two different N95-3's with the same result, both recorded the video to phone memory and first visible in Shozu and several minutes later in the gallery. Installing to th memory card caused veb greater instability with more crashing and a variety of errors.The application itself is quite small. The download was only 17K and shows a mere 1K in Application Manager. I look forward to a more stable and perhaps usage release. For now skip this release unless you are curious but be prepared for some frustration.

- Matthew "KrazyKritter"

Edit:Details of this recorded video: Format mpeg4 , Resolution 176x144, Length 1:02 min Bitrate 67kbit/s, Equipment Nokia N95-3

Update: A new Alpha has been released that is more stable, while still very much an alpha seemsic is obviously working on it. Thanks guys! Seesmic Wiki


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Sorry about this, Matthew, we're working on it. It works fine on my N95, it seems different on different versions. Yes, it's alpha... Thanks for your interest.


Sorry but mind describing to new people what is Seesmic? You visit their site and there is absolutely nothing about what is this thing. Yes i have figured out that it has to do something with video recording on your phone but how is it different from others? features?

Always help to give little intro to an app for those who do not know about it.



Agreeing with Loic

What a terrible description... What the hell is it?

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