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February 06, 2008

The Ultimate Pocket WiFi Router

by Matthew

JoikuSpot is creating a lot of buzz this week in the S60 community and for good reason. This is one of those applications that might make the biggest of tightwads open their wallet, if it weren't already FREE. In the current beta all Internet applications may not work nor does it work on all devices yet, even so this is one application you will want to grab. To put it simply JoikuSpot turns your standard WiFi enabled S60 device into a wireless access point. Why is that such a big deal and why would you want to do that? For starters it is incredibly simple to use, install (to phone memory) and start the application and you're done. There is no fancy configuring or channels to pick from, it just works! OK so it works big deal, right? Wrong now take out your laptop browse for the new access point and you're online through your phone. JoikuSpot is advertised for use with 3G but it works with EDGE and presumably GPRS (although I wouldn't want to bother) only slower. It is so simple to use I was able to install and use the data connection through the N95-3 on the E65 (and vice versa) in about as long as it took me to download it from the website. With JoikuSpot you can now use your mobile as your connection for everything, laptop, other mobiles anything with a WiFi connection from virtually anywhere. Bluetooth is great for getting online with one computer, but now imagine being able to connection 2, 3 or more all at the same time. This kind of application can change the way you use your device; doing what cities around the world could not, bring WiFi everywhere!

Note: The WiFi connection is not secure, so take appropriate security precautions as necessary. Hopefully WPA, MAC filtering and other security options will come later.


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You might also want to note that the hotspot it creates is for web access, and not email or instant message programs. I'm wondering, will you incur tethering charges from your provider, or does it simply see it as a web browsing app? My guess is the latter, which is why the app is limited to the web.


My big concern would be the carrier's rules regarding "tethering" as this would CLEARLY qualify as such. AT&T has been fairly consistent about nailing folks on unlimited "phone-only" data plans for routing traffic from laptops through that connection. This looks like an easier way to go about it, but just as "illegal" from the carrier's perspective. You may want to caution potential users about the massive data bills that could result if they violate the terms of their "unlimited" data plans.

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