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February 25, 2008

I'm Sorry, So Sorry My Dear Companion.

by Matthew

I'm sorry, so sorry I've found a new love. My new love is thinner, prettier and travels better. I tried to bring you to Mobile World Congress and bring you along on that long flight to and fro Spain. I use to bring you with me to work everyday. I would frequently take you to the park or McDonald's as we watched the kids play.

I'm sorry, so sorry. We could sit together and play online day and night provided we brought along a long enough extention cord. We could play videos, listen to music and chat with out friends from around the globe. I could use my Nokia N95 but it isn't the same when we can share such a glorious screen together without straining to see the screen or scroll side to side.

I'm sorry, so sorry. I know I have spent many hours with you, spent hundreds of dollars treating you to all the best money could buy. I have made sure you had everything you have needed in the years we have been together. I even loved you enough to load Linux instead of Windows.

I'm sorry, so sorry I do not spend as much time with you as I once did but I must be honest. I have found a new love. My new love is thinner, prettier and more fun. We can travel everywhere together since we never have to leave each other's side. We go to the movies, out to dinner, road trips and even long airplane rides.

I'm sorry, so sorry. I'm not trying to rub it in but this Nokia N810 does nearly everything I once needed you to do. Yes I will still need you loyal companion. You have served me well and I will use you for those heavy tasks such as video or photo editing, presentations and those longer emails, bigger word processing jobs, uploading or downloading large files, backing up and upgrading the N810. I still need you to store my large music collection and to compress and convert them for the N810 when pressed for space.

I'm sorry, so sorry my dear Thinkpad, your battery life just doesn't cut it. I need something that can last beyond your couple hours of battery life. I can't take lugging you around town, my shoulder just cannot take it. When I had to run from gate to gate at O'Hare, you really weighed me down. Even while I was waiting for the plane at DFW you did have the stamina when the plane was late.

I'm sorry, so sorry. I could say that I would miss your keys, but the N810 has them. I could say I'd miss the touchpad or using the mouse, but the N810 has a touch screen and a stylus. I could say I will miss the maps you have downloaded for me, but the N810 has built-in GPS, free preloadable maps that work even when I don't have WiFi or wireless coverage.

I'm sorry, so sorry. This N810 is so small and lightweight I can put it in my pocket and use it anywhere. On those rare ocassions I must turn it off the N810 boots in a mere fraction of the time. I will miss your larger 15" screen but the 4.13" screen works well also for many tasks. I could go on about the built-in camera, easily expandable and interchangeable MiniSD memory slot and the speedy recharge time but that would be unfair to you, my old faithful companion.

I'm sorry, so sorry my dear Thinkpad. I promise will be more diligent about turning you off,  that I might extend your life since I haven't been using you much. I promise I won't forget you and let dust or other things pile up or accumulate a top of you. I promise I will still take you places, even if I leave you in the trunk of the car or hotel room more often.

Your ever loving user,

Matthew Stevens


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cute :)


All of that should be on a Hallmark card :-)


Lol this doesn't help. I've been trying to hold back on getting an N810. My only worry is connecting it to my N95-3 for internet. The paranoia of tethering is whats holding me back.

Great post though.


@Dee tethering couldn't be any easier. Once the two are paired there is a little wizard to guide you through setup for your carrier, quite similar to PC Suite's One Touch option. The biggest many people have with tethering is that PC bluetooth setup, which there is none on the N8XX.


@Matthew, I mean the whole ordeal of worrying if its safe for me to do so without getting surprised with a huge bill. Im still not quite familiar with the limits of tethering. I currently have the grandfathered unlimited internet from Cingular/ATT.


Matthew, you should be ashamed. : p

I'm typing this on my IBM T43 because I still have to lug it around on trips (I'm in Helsinki this week). The N810 is about 90% of the way toward doing the job, though...




I had much the same revelation when I got my N800 - I used to lug that heavy laptop with its heavy charger around (although I could skip the charger occasionally as my laptop used to have a decent 5 hour battery time). Heavy heavy.. running through airports, dragging it around to coffee shops. I can bring my N800 (plus a BT foldable keyboard, the N800 doesn't have the built-in thumb keyboard of the N810) around on festivals and write reviews in between performances (and order more tickets online), where the laptop wouldn't be an option at all -- too big, too heavy, no room.


I wish I could say the same thing - but (up to now) my old and trusty thinkpad (also running linux - what else) is proving *much more* reliable than the n810 I recently bought. For example: You would think that an "internet tablet" like the n810 has a working wlan driver - but I've yet to succeed to backup the n810 (a meager 10GB) to my server... The driver seems to be made for download mostly - it aborts (can't even ping itself anymore!) after a few (like 1-2) gigs.

Rsync(1) is not working properly, find(1) aborts, built-in tar is unusable.

15 media players but none of them able to do most/all formats,
weak sound (weaker than on the Palm TX!).

...and for the GPS: By the time it gets a position fix, I've already found the place I'd been looking for by asking some people on the street.

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