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February 06, 2008

Black N82 On Its Way!

by Matthew

Thanks to Stefan at IntoMobile for pointing out this hot little number coming to the US Market. According to his post it will be available on February 12th for $630US. I don't know about you but it is nice to see Nokia putting forth some good effort in the NA market that has been neglected for much too long. This will certainly make more than just a few across the pond jealous for a change.


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Interesting that it only comes with a 128mb SD card. My APAC N82 came with a 2GB card. It also doesn't show the video cable in the list of included items but that could be an oversight.



It IS nice to see Nokia churning out more color choices but in my opinion slapping another color on a device that does not fully utilize the network it rides on is simply a slap in the face. It's almost like saying "here doggy...here's a biscuit...so hight up in the air that you can't touch it". I think Nokia should put more effort into teasing US market than just slamming a new color and trying to make it the selling point. I'll be excited when they will announce that the Black N82 is WCDMA 850/1700 or 1700/2100. Otherwise it's just a waste of money. Using the excuse that 1700 WCDMA is not up yet is a lame excuse - N already is releasing clamshells on T-Mobi that are T-Mob 3G compatible so why not launching a device that's FULLY US complaint.

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