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January 07, 2008

Nokia's Music Store Should Have Music Recognition

by Darla Mack

I've been using the Nokia Music Store on my N95 since its opened its doors.  The ease of use from purchase to download is amazing (especially with a wifi connection).  But I feel its missing something. 

The Music Recognition program that was built into the Nokia N75 was a great tool for people like me.  One could be in a mall somewhere and a song would play that you didn't know the details on and all you had to do was open the application and let it capture a few tones of the song and BAM it would appear!  Now with all applications this didn't work flawlessly, but it did work.

The bad thing was that I don't think this was a Nokia program, but a Cingular/AT&T program.  But how hard could it be to develop something like this to work for the Nokia Music Store?

Since its "All About Music" why implement the tools needed to seek the music.  We already know how to download and buy it.  (Yes I said buy!)


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They really should ship that program with nokia devices.I believe most sonyericcson walkman phones have it.

Just so you know there's a program for symbian called "Shazam ID" that does the job fairly well !
( http://www.shazam.com/music/portal/template/pages/p/shazam_id.html )

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