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January 19, 2008

Gizmo Update Released

by Matthew


With little fanfare Gizmo has released an updated to their S60 client. The update is available at Nokia Beta Labs and is a free download. One of the noticeable changes is support for multiple locations. With multiple login locations you can be logged in both on the device and the PC. When a call is placed to a person on your contact list both location ring simultaneously. The recipient then has the option to answer on their PC or computer. If any contact is on a phone call the status icon changes to a blue phone icon, indicating the person is on the phone. Gizmo is more than just a VOIP client, in addition to video it is also an IM client giving you access AIM, Yahoo, Windows Live (MSN), MySpaceIM, with additional support for Jabber and iChat coming soon. Gizmo is available on a myriad of devices from S60, Nokia Internet Tablets (N770, N800, N810), MAC, PC, Linux and many other popular mobile phones. Voice and video calling is not currently available on the Gizmo5 Java based application,


One of the best features about Gizmo is the ability to purchase a phone number from quite an extensive list of cities throughout the USA and around the world. For as little as $12 every three months or $36 per year a number in the area of your choosing. International numbers are slightly higher however like the US numbers include unlimited incoming calls, potentially saving hundreds even thousands of dollars. Multiple numbers in multiple areas and countries can be purchased making it possible to have a virtually unlimited presence throughout the world without leaving your home or office. If you have a Grand Central number your assigned Gizmo assigned SIP number can be added as one of your phone numbers, giving you a free inbound number of your choosing over the free 775 area code Gizmo offers. Grand Central is still an invite only service and available only in the USA. If you are lucky enough to have an account or obtain an invite, Gizmo will compliment Grand Central nicely.

With Gizmo's low international rates and other features I'm surprised we haven't heard more about this excellent and versatile service.


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I have three gizmo call-in numbers. What's neat is, the last number you add becomes the one used for caller ID for outbound calls. My last number was a UK number so now anywhere I call the caller ID shows up as from England. Been having great fun with that!

juan p aleman

Hi Darla, I updated Gizmo and now I cannot acces Contacts on my N95 nor Gizmo, what do I do?? anty suggestions? I did a soft reset but nothing, reinstalled and nothing, I'm lost


Gizmo deadlocks the N95. When calling from a PC-client to a N95 with Gizmo running. Whether or not Gizmo is installed on the N95 or not...


You should be able to use both at the same time. When someone messages or calls my gizmo both the pc and handset recieve them. If the phone is locking up, 1st make sure you installed into phone memory and second there isn't a conflict with another program. My first guess would be another VOIP application or another application that interacts with your phonebook i.e. callerid or blacklist type programs.

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