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January 22, 2008

Accelerometers Gone Wild

by Matthew

The ever expanding uses of the accelerometer never seem to cease or amaze. This latest development is the equivalent of using the N95 or similarly accelerometer equipped device as Wii controller. This is just one of the many accelerometer designs that have come about with the release of the Accelerometer SDK from Nokia. There are only handful of devices that are equipped with this outstanding technology. Accelerometers are not new, only new to the consumer market with a seemingly boundless uses, limited only by a developer's imagination.

Check out this video by Symbiano-Tek the developer Asier demonstrating NiiMee (Nokia2MovingExperience) by A2JSoft.

For some other worth while applications that use the accelerometer technology visit By Samir for rotateMe, Nokmote and ShutUp and Symbian Blog's for FlipSilent.

No matter which accelerometer application you try don't for get to install N95AccelerometerPlugin.sis (typically packaged with the applications, at your favorite blog review site such as S60Tips.com, or by searching any popular search engine).

Matthew - Krazy Techno Kritter


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Oscar B

Hi Darla, just a brief message to point one thing: the guy using the phone is the programmer of NiiMe, and his name is Asier.

A2J (Asier)

I'm the programmer (A2Jsoft it's ok also xD)

Thank you for the linking!


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