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December 14, 2007

Nokia N95-3 Finally Gets an Update to v 11.2.009

by Darla Mack

N953_fw_updateThis morning when I connected my N95-3 I was notified of an available update.  As you can see the newest FW is 11.2.009 but I don't know what the changelog is. 

As I'm typing this I am doing a back-up of my contents and I dred doing it.  Hopefully this will add the same features as the N95-1 with the new music store and N-Gage app, but we will see.  I'll update this once I'm done, but if you get through the process before I do let me know your findings.


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Yikes! Do some quick reading first if you haven't updated already! This updates gives you... absolutely nothing of value. Definitely not worth the pain!


That is old info! :-)


Lol, Abdullah it was new info to me!!! :)

@Zach, I'm not gonna stress it since I haven't been able to perform a successful back up of my device.


No! Don't do it, Darla!

Save yourself the hassle... this update was a bummer for me. Not worth the hassle of all the backing up and reconfiguring your apps, menus etc.


It's worth it if you use the GPS. Nokia Maps will now "lock" on the GPS with less than 5 satellites locked on, meaning it goes to the current location much faster than before. One or two bugs have been fixed (notably, the WLAN Wizard help screen is now in English instead of Spanish). I think the screen hiss when calling is a bit diminished, but it could just be me. The music player hiss is still there, though.


rotateme v 2.0 beta 5 doesn´t works with the new firmware

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