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December 14, 2007

N-Gage Platform To Be Revealed Tuesday

by Darla Mack

N81_ngage What NokNok.tv has dubbed Ruby Tuesday is in fact that preview release day of the new N-Gage platform in action.

Also according to the N-Gage blog, only N81 or N81 8GB users will have exclusive access to the pre-release version of the app.  Users will be able to leave their experience feedback and suggestions on the N-Gage First Access forums.

Like the guys from NokNok, I also have an N81 in my possession and I'm actually excited to see what the new platform brings forth.  Having been a fan of the classic N-Gage for many years (which I still have in my possession) I'm mostly curious to see the community aspect of how this app will work.  Previous N-Gagers (yeah CJ I mean you) will remember that this was attemped before with the QD but I don't quite remember what the result was with that since I refused to purchase one.

N-Gage will be available to other handsets such as the N95, N82 sometime near the beginning of the year.

[via:  ElectricPig.tv]


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Haha yes indeed i remember those days :D . Someone even found a *work-around* to install the Qd's N-gage "Launcher" app onto classic N-gages. It was pretty basic..you could chat with other N-gagers who were on your friends list,join in on an on-going game if you had the right game-card inserted,check n-gage related news and check the n-gage forums.

I cant wait to see how nokia's improved the whole experience. Little peeved that its coming early to n81 devices only though :P


Well I think it is pretty impolite to leave the other n-series people hanging over Joulu (Christmas). Especially the N95 classic owners should have earned a early adopters pre-release sticking it out until the firmware. First I needed a wooden backcover for the N95 to gnaw on when the battery went dead. Now I need one for going cold turkey over my unfulfilled future game addiction ;-)


ah, I just realized the ngage update was only for n81 and not for folks like me with our n95-1

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