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November 13, 2007

The Possibilites with the Right Device - A Maven Story

by Darla Mack

I can honestly say that when I pull out any of my devices I always try to be a walking billboard.  That's what mavens do, right? 

Living in the remote area where I am it's somewhat hard to convince or convert users to S60.  Alltel and US Cellular reign as the top providers out here.  I've tried for years to convince my neighbors and people that I meet on the idea of switching to a GSM provider and getting  a device that performs the way that they want.  But just like everything else in these parts... everyone is content.

Having the right device gives you many possibilities on what you have access too.  One of my friends called me the other day and said "hey did you see that new Verizon commercial that has the phone that is also an MP3 player?"  That same friend is with Alltel and when he signed up I convinced him to get the Nokia 6255i.  How he didn't know that the 6255i had mp3 player functionality I have no clue.  Lol I know I didn't leave that selling point out!

My latest 'walk around bragging tool' has been Slingplayer by Sling Media.  While I was in the waiting room at one of my husband's doctor visits I had Slingplayer running and was watching my favorite cartoon, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.  Lol, you might not have needed to know that but I figured I'd share that anyway.  There were these 2 guys that appeared to be of college age that just became fascinated.  I explained how the service worked and showed them other functions of my device.  Of course the popular question arose, "what provider carries that".   I can't pass judgement for the parts of the world that have yet to realize that they are free from carrier devices, but I politely replied, "any GSM carrier that you chose, but I suggest that you get one with great data rates".  I also showed how I use my device to access the internet and explained that if you had a home WiFi connection you didn't need to worry so much about data rates.  "OMG thats f'n awesome!!!"

Kent seemed extremely interested, so since he already had service with AT&T I told him that he could purchase it online.  Psst... Nokia needs a flagship store in the Carolina's!  But he also said that he has family in NY so maybe he could get it that way.  Sold.  Brice on the other hand swore by Sprint and is on a plan with his family, but he now knows what to look for when he decides to get his own plan.

I feel very proud when I do this.  Why?  Because it reminds me of that old shampoo commercial.  You tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends, and so on and so on.  Kent will pass the info on to others.

Lol, my job here is done.


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I LOVE this post! You are a born diva. There is simply no other life for you. I work for a phone company and I don't get nearly this excited to show other people our stuff. Of course I work for Verizon -- no GSM, very limited Nokia selection... :(

Stefan Constantinescu

Awesome story, funny thing is me and my friends always had smartphones so the world you're talking about it an "old" one. I'm sure if you would have told him how much that device costs he would have clenched, walked away and grumbled.

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