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November 23, 2007

Social.FM - Tying People Together Through Music

by Darla Mack

Sfmmobile_phone I've mentioned before that I LOVE LOVE LOVE music!!  All kinds of music.  And with Social.FM I can get my dosage of music from any means possible.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Avikk Ghose from Social.FM and got the full details on just what makes this service so great.

My first thought about this service is what makes it different than other services like MyStrands or Spodtronic, which I also use.  I found out that in our world of social media, Social.FM fits right in very nicely.

For example, Social.FM gives users the ability to:

*  search by artist (and get a dynamically-created station based on music from that artist and similar artists)

*  search from over 700 genres and sub-genres

Social.FM can be used via desktop client, Facebook and now mobiles including S60 3rd edition devices.  It opens you up to a worldwide jukebox by allowing you to stream music from over 1.4 million DJ's worldwide, which makes it the only user-contributed, social music service that works across the web and mobile.  For example... lets say that I have the desktop client running on my PC, you can access my music library if I have you added as a friend, thus making me the DJ.  I have a buddy who is a DJ who I would LOVE to grab music from... I hope he's reading this!

For the desktop streaming to work successfully your friend must be connected.  This isn't too hard for me since I leave my laptop on all the time. 

Once of the cool features of the desktop client is Presence & Chat.  If your buddy is online you and they can chat just like a regular IM client.  Once your buddy comes online you have instant notification of their presence.

Social.FM is available for most S60 3rd edition devices such as the N95 which is what I've tested it with.  Currently I had a problem getting it working on the N81 8GB but the issue is being looked into. 

With the mobile client you can stream music from your own music library on your PC to your mobile, providing that your desktop client is on.  Now this is good for me, because I don't have all of my music stored on my devices.  But that saves memory on my device!  Of course a good connection is needed for this as well.

Social.FM mobile also has a Podcast directory which allows you to stream podcasts from CNN, NPR, ESPN and a few others.  The podcasts are categorized by different topics such as Business, Arts & Entertainment, etc.

From now until November 30th, Social.FM is free to all S603rd edition handset owners.  After that there is an annual fee of $19.99... and trust me, if you love music like I do, you will find that the price is well worth it.


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Wow, looks very cool! I wish their site was working so I could download it and check it out!


Thanks for the great write-up. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


The site should be working fine. Try www.social.fm/mobile.


Indeed. Download site not working.

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