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November 23, 2007

S60 Web Browser Short-Cuts

by Darla Mack

Mark of the Nokia Blog has compiled a really cool list of short-cuts to help you get the most out of your S60 browser.

Shortcut Keys

  • Press 1 to open your bookmarks.
  • Press 2 to search for keywords in the current page.
  • Press 3 to return to the previous page.
  • Press 5 to list all open windows.
  • Press 8 to show the page overview of the current page.
  • Press 8 again to zoom in and view the desired section of the page.
  • Press 9 to enter a new web address.
  • Press 0 to go to the start page.
  • Press * or to zoom the page in or out.

Another tip that Zach from SymbianInMotion  had mentioned is by holding down the enter navigation button you can quickly access the toolbar menu on S60 FP1 devices.

Very cool tips to have handy.  Now if Nokia could only make an option to have tabbed mobile browsing!!  Like Mark, I will send my suggestions to the S60 Features Wishlist.


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Hi Darla
You can have tabbed browsing already, the only limitation is the low memory...
Save the following page as a bookmark or locally and you should be able to use 2 tabs...


PS. Not sure if I'm double posting but the first time the webpage expired when loading...



These might be nifty, but they can get in the way.

Many sites I browse that are mobile specific, use key presses for navigation (Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Google Calendar). These shortcuts just get in the way.

Now, if I could figure how to turn them off!



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