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November 23, 2007

TigerDirect Changes Black Friday to Pink Friday

by Darla Mack

TigerDirect I'm a big fan of Tiger Direct.  I'm not a big fan of the term "black friday", but that's just a personal gripe.

Today, TigerDirect.com starts its after holiday sales with a different approach to holiday selling. 

The most popular shopping day of the year has been renamed Pink Friday.   In recognition of this, all products and items sold on TigerDirect.com and will be shipped in specially designed pink boxes and the pink ribbon will be promoted on all catalogs, newspaper advertisements, web banner advertising, store signs and incorporated into the TigerDirect.com logo.

The Pink Friday drive starts on the day traditionally known Black Friday, November 23rd, and runs through December 31, 2007. TigerDirect expects to donate more than a quarter million dollars from total sales and donations to Susan G. Komen for the Cure for the fight against breast cancer.

For example, the Nokia N95 is on sale today for $499 after rebate after $80 instant rebate.  So click the above image and lets go shopping!!!


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Are you kidding me? You have a problem with "Black Friday?" Get over yourself, seriously. First off, it has nothing to do with black people. It has to do with Black Tuesday (the day the stock market crashed) and nothing to do with race at all.

I'm so tired of Black people always calling the race card over everything now. You have a problem with the black crayon as well? :rolleyes:

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