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November 10, 2007

Nokia Then And Now - Celebrating 15 Years of Nokia!

by Darla Mack

Nokia_1011 Today marks the anniversary of the first mass-produced GSM Nokia, the 1011.  According to yesterday's article on The Register...

"Fifteen years ago tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, Nokia launched the world's first commercially available GSM digital phone, the Nokia 1011, the model number coming from the launch date: 10 November 1992."

The article continues to exlain that one of the missing components was the Nokia ringtone which wasn't introduced until 1994. 

Man, has Nokia come a long long long way.  Ironically, I had an old Nokia pc monitor.  Not mobile but still ancient. 

Stefan of IntoMobile has come across this really cool collage of Nokia handsets from 1982 up to 2006.  (click images for larger view) Nokia_collage

My first Nokia was the 5190 with Omnipoint (now T-Mobile) which came out in 1997 as you can see.  Wow, 10 years with Nokia and 10 years with T-Mobile!  Since that 5190 I've had many of these devices.

How many of these devices have you had?

Here's to celebrating 15 years of Nokia!


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Baby Girl

My first mobile was the 918. I can't remember the carrier since 1997 was that long ago. Since then I've had about 10 cell phone, 6 of them being Nokia creations.


It's good to see that the Nokia brand is becoming relevant again. Circa 98' they were the poster child of many brand management case studies. Somehow they got distracted (perhaps a return to their wild roots) and began to lose the winning formula. Luckily Nokia seems to have rediscovered the swagger of 98'. Is Motorola far behind ;)

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