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November 01, 2007

Nokia Music Store - Open for Business

by Darla Mack

AllAboutSymbian reports this morning that Nokia's Music Store is now open and running.  Firefox and Music Recommender's will be faced with the same dilema as the Music Store does not work on Firefox's browser.  Come on Nokia... no one really plays favorite to IE anymore!!

The Nokia Music Store (UK) is now live at music.nokia.co.uk. The PC site requires Internet Explorer (partly due to the Nokia Music Bar which is used to download tracks) and is open to allcomers. The mobile version (same address) can currently only be accessed on a Nokia N95 8GB or a Nokia N81, using the dedicated on-device client.


Nokia Recommenders has also been merged into the Music Store.  If you are previous users of Nokia Music Recommenders, you should have received an email alerting users of the change to Nokia Music Store with a nice gift voucher for credit to the Music Store.

Rafe has some cool screen-shots of the app running on the N95 8GB with a note that other devices are likely to be supported in the near future.  I do hope that is true, but I'll be getting some answers to my question hopefully soon. 

UK residents register between now and November 30th for your chance to win a Nokia N81. 


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By using a Firefox Add-on called "IE Tab" (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1419), the site can be accessed from within Firefox. But I agree with you -- Nokia should make it browser-independent!

Charles Frith

Not working on Firefox. I hope that is resolved quickly.


opera is king of browsers... wheres support 4 it...


IE only? Nokia must be joking.

No Kia

And if you are using a Mac, you can't do anything with Nokia Music. Even the Firefox add-on mentioned doesn't help, as it only opens IE inside Firefox (bringing all those IE security threats to Firefox, by the way), so as there is no IE for the Mac, it can't work.

Hopefully Nokia Music gets better with time, but so far it seems like too little (and restrictive) too late. Let's hope that the music industry finally gets it and allows more DRM-free models like the Amazon MP3 Store in the US.

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