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November 26, 2007

Leaked Images of the Nokia N96

by Darla Mack

Emily of Textually.org reports the findings of leaked N96 images.  Hmmm, kind of awkward looking, but in any case interesting. 

N96_3 According to Mobile Mentalism the specs include a Six megapixel camera with optical zoom, GPS Sat-Nav, 10GB hard disk, and more.

I have to agree with MM that features like this are within Nokia's capabilites, but the design doesn't quite look like that of an official "Nokia".

Then again the first image shown of the 6680 looked nothing like the final version, so this could be a possibility.

Not that I'm calling BS on this one, but we'll just have to wait and see.
For more info and pics, visit Mobile Mentalism.


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I'd say fake, or concept. If you look on the Mobile Mentalism site, which has a picture of the back of the phone. There doesn't appear to be anywhere for the slide out keyboards to come from.

Also no charging or data sockets. It could be bluetooth only & may charge by induction (how cool would that be?)
Design-wise, I'd suggest that in vertical mode there wasn't enough 'meat' under the slide out keyboard. Looks kind of flimsy & probably a bugger to key in a number.

Horizontal mode looks quite neat, but I'm used to 'two thumbing' a keyboard from my 9300. For my money it's about the best way to write anything on a pocket device. There is the flimsy looking slide problem again and I'm not sure you could get right up to the letters against the phone body very easily.

If, the what appear to be pick-up, putdown, back and forward buttons (you know the ones I mean?) on both ends are functional, it *might* make a good gaming machine, but there is no 'clit' like on the 6600 which I think you'd need to navigate round the screen.

I'm going to guess 1st year design student concept, practicing with photo shop or some 3D package.

Do I get a consultancy fee from the person, for my analysis of their design when you find out where it's from :)


Wow- that thing looks horrible.

Jonathan Greene

I hope that's a fake. The symmetrical design is very odd looking...


The specs are beautiful, but the design is ... I don't know, there s a reason why most manufacturers opt for 1 qwuerty keyboard that slides out from the larger side instead of two like this ;)

What is more interesting in my opinion is that this thing does not have any 4-way navigation pad, navi wheel or whatever, so this thing screams touchscreen to be able to use it with the slides closed - though I do hope a touch screen device from Nokia wouldn't be this ugly :) and the one shown to demo the touch UI in the Symbian Show presentation sure wasn't.


I hope it's a fake just invested in n95


Pretty old fake, actually just another ugly fake creature I would like to say.. .. .

Are you going in Amsterdam Darla?



If you won't call BS, I will. The button arrangement is not only completely unrelated to any S40 or S60, but it doesn't make sense! What do all those black buttons do???

James @ Nokia Creative

This just has to be a fake!!

Rajaie AlKorani

Although nokia can definitely make a phone with those features they would never make a phone that ugly in design! So I say fake!



Not practical, does not fit within the current Nokia aesthetic!

This is the direction Nokia is heading: http://www.unwiredview.com/2007/11/21/nokia-is-thinking-about-its-own-sidekick/

I'd love to see the next N9x device merge the N810 and N95 features in a a sexy but Sidekick-ish form factor...


Smells like BS to me. may be a Chinese manufacturer could replicate such a device


the design above looks very funny and cheap anlso like a model imagined by chinese. i am sure nokia will not opt this shape and look of the phone as seen above.

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