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November 03, 2007

Future S60 Touch UI Devices?

by Darla Mack

After closely looking at the pics on NokNok, I had to check the images that I came across.  Noticed a bit of similarity there.   

These devices are not named and may or may not be what's on the road map for the future, but they aren't a mock-up.  Just something to wet your taste buds. :) Click images for larger view.


Note:  This is in no way a disrespect to the post on NokNok.  These are just some of the images prior to their mock-up.


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Antoine of MMM/Brighthand

I was looking at this some time ago and thinking the same thing. Considering that I am not in the market for a smartphone now, I am fine. But I know that if I were to update from my Treo 680, that the device has to have a TS, and I am looking extremely hard at the Nokia side of the Symbian camp. FOr some reason, I can see the next top end Nokia having a TS (well, after the N82 the next top end Nokia).

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